Town Offices – Partial Re-Opening. [UPDATED; 6/2]

The Town of Waitsfield is open to the public, beginning June 3rd.

Capacity at the Town Offices is limited to better ensure the safety of visitors and Town staff. No more than three individuals may be in the offices, in addition to Town staff (four total), and one researcher.

Please note the following guidelines that are in place:

1). Masks are required for all visitors. Social distancing standards are in effect, as well, so please keep at least six feet between you and anyone else in the building.

2.) No more than 3 visitors may be in the offices at one time. If the doors are locked or staff is standing outside, the office’s capacity has been reached. Please be patient while waiting for a space to open up.

3.) Access is limited to individuals only, with two notable exceptions: those traveling with children and couples seeking marriage licenses.

4). The doors, floors, and walls are marked, indicating where folks can stand. Please stand where indicated.

5.) Records research remains by appointment only and subject to the research protocol in place. For more information, please see the full re-opening plan below.

6.) Planning and Zoning permits should be obtained electronically or by appointment.

7.) Entrance is not permitted to anyone who is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, respiratory illness, or fever. Please use available electronic (phone, email) or other methods if you need assistance from Town staff.

8.) Restrooms are closed to the public.

While building access may be limited, Town staff is available. If you require assistance, please let us know, and we will work to find ways to help (if possible).

For assistance, or to make an appointment, please call or email the following people:

In accordance with State and Federal guidelines, there is no admittance allowed to anyone exhibiting symptoms of a respiratory illness.

The Wait House remains closed to the public.

To see the entire re-opening plan, as adopted by the Selectboard on 5/18, please click here.