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    E-911 Addressing To Street Naming & Addressing Ordinance
    Contact Waitsfield's E-911 Coordinator

    Even if you rely on a Post Office box for mail delivery, it is very important that your street address be posted on your property and visible from the road so that fire, police, or ambulance responders can find your location in an emergency. In a situation where every minute counts, you don't want the Mad River Valley Ambulance Service to waste precious seconds trying to guess where the right location is and possibly going to the wrong one.

    Addressing Guidelines
    Your new locatable address should be posted at the property in accordance with the guidelines adopted by the Selectboard as part of the Town's Street Naming and Addressing Ordinance as follows:

    1. The number should be affixed to the structure in a manner which is legible and distinguishable from the road or driveway on which the structure is located. If the structure is located in such a way that the number cannot be easily seen from the road, then a sign or number post should also be used at the driveway entrance in such a way that it can be easily seen from the road. Rural mail boxes may be used for posting the new [or existing] address if located at the driveway entrance and are on the same side of the road.

    2. Address numbers should be a minimum of three inches (3") in height, and should be of a contrasting color to the background on which are applied. Any other numbers on the building which may be mistaken for or confused with the address number should be removed from the building.

    3. Multiple unit structures should display the building number in such a manner as to be visible from the road as outlined above, and in addition, unit numbers should be clearly placed at the entrance of each unit.

    IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR LANDLORDS: If you have tenants at the above location, it is important that you notify them of the new locatable address.

    CONFIDENTIALITY OPTION: You have the option to keep your name and the street address number of your property from being linked in a municipal public record. In order to exercise this option, you must complete a Confidentiality Option Form (1 pg, 58 KB) available at the Town Office, and must provide an alternate mailing address (such as a Post Office Box) for official municipal correspondence.

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    Enhanced E-911 Board
  • www.state.vt.us/e911
    Mad River Valley Ambulance Service
  • www.mrvas.org
    Vermont State Police
  • www.dps.state.vt.us/vtsp

    Valerie J. Capels, Town Administrator
    Waitsfield Town Office
    9 Bridge Street
    Waitsfield, VT 05673
    Phone: (802) 496-2218
    Fax: (802) 496-9284
    E-mail: town admin e-mail address

    Updated August 23, 2007
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