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    Flooding in Waitsfield
        • Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM)
    About Waitsfield
    Main Flood Page

    Main Flood PageFlood GuideFlood InsuranceFlood of 1998Flood of 1927Links
    (Documents and outside links will open in a separate window)

    The maps offered here are Preliminary Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps (May 2007) and may still be subject to change before becoming final, which is anticipated to be some time in 2009.  The current effective maps (1980/1984) are available at the Waitsfield Town Office or at the FEMA Map Service Center at msc.fema.gov.

    Waitsfield FIRM Panels
    Waitsfield FIRM panel 50023C0379E Waitsfield FIRM panel 50023C0379E Waitsfield FIRM panel 50023C0379E Waitsfield FIRM panel 50023C0383E Waitsfield FIRM panel 50023C0384E Waitsfield FIRM panel 50023C0387E Waitsfield FIRM panel 50023C0386E Waitsfield FIRM panel 50023C0389E Waitsfield FIRM panel 50023C0393E Waitsfield FIRM panel 50023C0392E Waitsfield FIRM panel 50023C0382E
    Tap on highlighted index boxes for panel images in separate window
    Link to list of panels
    Links (Documents and off-site links will open in a separate window)
    Town Documents
  • Waitsfield Town Plan (2005) - Chapter 3. Natural Resources - (16 pgs, 794 KB)
  • Waitsfield Zoning Bylaws (2005) - Table 2.10. Flood Hazard Overlay District - (1 pg, 17 KB)
  • Waitsfield Zoning Bylaws (2005) - Article 5. Section 5.03.F begins on page 57 - (15 pgs, 89 KB)
    Vermont Agencies & Information
  • Vermont Flood Hazard Management
  • Vermont Flood Hazard Area Permit information
  • Vermont Emergency Management
    Federal Agencies & Information
  • Official NFIP FloodSmart Web site
  • FEMA Flood Flood Hazard Management
    PRELIMINARY Flood Insurance Rate Map Panels (2007) for Waitsfield
    NOTE: These large maps may take some time to download.


    Flood Zones Explained
  • 50023C0379E- (36" x 26", 23,894 KB)
  • 50023C0381E- (36" x 26", 24,720 KB)
  • 50023C0382E- (36" x 26", 25,180 KB)
  • 50023C0383E- (36" x 26", 24,744 KB)
  • 50023C0384E- (36" x 26", 24,795 KB)
  • 50023C0386E- (36" x 26", 24,625 KB)
  • 50023C0387E- (36" x 26", 23,643 KB)
  • 50023C0389E- (36" x 26", 23,679 KB)
  • 50023C0392E- (36" x 26", 24,167 KB)
  • 50023C0393E- (36" x 26", 24,409 KB)

    Updated November 4, 2009

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