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    Bridge Street, Waitsfield, VT
    Photo: Waitsfield Historical Society

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    Links (Documents and off-site links will open in a separate window)
    Town Documents Waitsfield Town Plan (2005) - Chapter 2. Historic Development - (10 pgs, 755 KB)
    Waitsfield Town Plan (2005) - Chapter 4. Historic & Cultural Resources - (8 pgs, 567 KB)
    With Family Genealogoies

    by Matt Bushnell Jones
    Table of Contents - (4 pgs, 187 KB)
    Chapter 1- First Settlement (8 pgs, 515 KB)
    Chapter 2 - Early Settlers (7 pgs, 409 KB)
    Edmund Rice Lotting Map, 1816 (1 pg, 62 KB)
    Chapter 3 -Surveys, Divisions, Roads and Bridges (7 pgs, 405 KB)
    Chapter 4 - Ancient Landmarks (8 pgs, 483 KB)
    Chapter 5 - Ancient Landmarks (Continued) (6 pgs, 354 KB)
    Chapter 6 - Ancient Landmarks (Concluded) (5 pgs, 291 KB)
    Chapter 7 - Military History -- Revolution, War of 1812, Militia Companies (x pgs, xxx KB)
    Chapter 8 - Military History -- Civil War; Ainsworth Post No. 36, G.A.R. (x pgs, xxx KB)
    Chapter 9 - Ecclesiastical -- Congregational Church and Congregational Society in Waitsfield, 1796-1830 (x pgs, xxx KB)
    Chapter 10 - Ecclesiastical -- Congregational Church and Society, 1830-1908 (x pgs, xxx KB)
    Chapter 11 - Ecclesiastical -- Methodist Episcopal Church and Society (x pgs, xxx KB)
    Chapter 12 - Ecclesiastical -- The First Universalist Society in Waitsfield; The Union Meeting-house Society in Waitsfield; Baptist Society; Episcopal Church; Wesleyan Methodist Society; Waitsfield Unity Society (x pgs, xxx KB)
    Chapter 13 - Education (x pgs, xxx KB)
    Chapter 14 - Communication and Transportation (x pgs, xxx KB)
    Chapter 15 - Agriculture, Commerce, Manufacturers 4 (x pgs, xxx KB)
    Chapter 16 - Native and Resident Professional Men and Prominent Citizens (x pgs, xxx KB)
    Chapter 17 - Lodges, Societies and Other Organizations (x pgs, xxx KB)
    Chapter 18 - Burial Grounds (3 pgs, 153 KB)
    Appendices (x pgs, xxx KB)
    Genealogies (x pgs, xxx KB)
    Other Publications and
    Covered Bridges of Waitsfield, National Register Travel Itinerary
    Waitsfield History, 2004, by Jan Pogue and Kevin Eurich, published in the 2004 Waitsfield Telecom phone book. (44 pages)
    Gazateer Excerpt: Waitsfield, Gazetteer of Washington County, Vt. 1783-1899, transcribed by Karima Allison, 2003, posted at RootsWeb.com
    History of the Town of Waitsfield 1782-1908, Matt Bushnell Jones, 1909 - Genealogies
    Waitsfield Historic District - National Register Travel Itinerary
    Waitsfield Town History - Central VT Chamber Web site
    Waitsfield Village Walking Tour - Central VT Chamber Web site
    Organizations & Agencies Mad River Valley Rural Resource Commission
    Vermont Division for Historic Preservation
    Vermont Historical Society
    Waitsfield Historical Society
    Valerie J. Capels, Town Administrator
    Waitsfield Town Office
    9 Bridge Street
    Waitsfield, VT 05673
    Phone: (802) 496-2218
    Fax: (802) 496-9284
    E-mail: town admin e-mail address

    Updated June 16, 2009

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