Wu Ledges Forest

Waitsfield Conservation Commission
Thursday, June 12, 2014, 7:00 p.m.
Waitsfield Elementary School

Property Description

The 125-acre heavily forested property is located just south of the village of Waitsfield and east of Route #100 and the Mad River.  Terrain varies from level to steep and is characterized as a series of bedrock terraces rising easterly of the Mad River.  A small open area abuts the Mad River. Most of the parcel (114 acres) is a mapped (by the VT Dept. of Fish & Wildlife) as Deer Wintering Area. Maps depicting the property and other data are found in the Town of Waitsfield municipal records.


Access to Wu Ledges is currently via two routes:

  1. A 50' wide easement from near the end of Pine Hill Lane, off TH #1 (the East Warren Road).
  2. A 50' wide strip of land abutting Route 100. This land is part of the Wu Ledges property, but has limitations in that it leads to a ford in the Mad River and then directly on to the property.  Use of this access is subject to laws and regulations applicable to stream crossings.



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