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    Waitsfield Municipal Water Project
         As Proposed March 4, 2008
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    Development of a municipal water system to serve Irasville and Waitsfield Village has been identified as a priority in the Waitsfield Town Plan for many years, not only to address public health concerns, but also to protect water quality of the Mad River, to provide for economic development, and to reduce the potential for sprawl outside these areas.

    Why Is It Needed?
    In Waitsfield Village and Irasville, and throughout Waitsfield, property owners need to provide for both water supply and septic disposal on an individual basis.  Several decades ago, most of the buildings were fed with water from springs on the hillside to the west.  As these were found unsafe or undependable, many people drilled wells.  The drilled wells, although more reliable than springs, resulted in new issues, such as proximity to nearby septic systems, underground fuel storage tanks, roads and highways, and stormwater runoff.

    Stringent state rules have made the permitting of new well and septic sites, as well as replacement of systems, very difficult for most the Irasville and Waitsfield Village areas.  A vast majority of the more than 150 properties within the proposed service area are currently served by a well that is not in compliance with the required isolation distances from their own or neighboring on-site water or wastewater systems.  The Selectboard has identified this public health concern as an "emergent condition" that needs to be addressed.

    A large number of rural Vermont communities have developed community water systems for their village centers, including Rochester, Bristol, Bethel, and Cabot.  As a commercial center for the Mad River Valley, Irasville and Waitsfield Village need a safe, reliable water supply for residents, business owners, employees, students, and visitors to the stores, library, school, and restaurants.
    Proposed Service Area
    Although Waitsfield Village and Irasville are the primary areas to be served by the municipal water, hookups will be possible all along the transmission line, from Tremblay Road and along Route 100.
    Waitsfield Proposed Municipal Water Service Area
    white checkmark on green Safe, proven, and reliable drinking water supply to all connected users.
    white checkmark on green Firefighting capacity from new hydrant system.
    white checkmark on green School and other public buildings will comply with State and Federal rules.
    white checkmark on green Capacity for building owners to install sprinkler systems.
    white checkmark on green Reduction in fire insurance premiums.
    Potential to expand on-site wastewater capacity on properties that currently use on-site water supply wells or springs.
    Infrastructure needed to support Village Growth Center; reduces pressure to grow in a "sprawl" fashion.
    white checkmark on green Expansion of tax base, business retention, and potential for modest growth in Irasville and Waitsfield Village.
    white checkmark on green Costs for construction and maintenance of the system will be paid for only by the properties receiving a direct benefit of water supply and/or fire protection. The more users, the lower the cost per user.

    Proposed Improvements
    The project is currently planned to include these major components:
  • Water supply will come from a well that has been drilled at Reed Road (off of Long Road), with an estimated yield of 200 gallons per minute. This well is sufficient to provide the projected future demands of the proposed service area.
  • Approximately 7,000 linear feet of new 4-inch water transmission main from the well to the proposed storage tank site (up Reed Road, along Long Road, East Road, and Bushnell Road to the Town-owned LeClair site, which is a former gravel pit).
  • A 500,000 gallon covered storage tank and treatment control building at the LeClair site.
  • Approximately 11,000 linear feet of new 12-inch transmission main from the storage tank to North Road, along Tremblay Road, and Route 100 to the Village service area; and
  • Approximately 8,000 linear feet of water distribution mains (mostly 12-inch), fire hydrants, and service connections for most properties in the Waitsfield and Irasville Villages.

    Proposed Service Connection Policies
    The Selectboard and Task Force have prepared the following guidance to help residents and property owners understand their options and responsibilities regarding public infrastructure.

    Basic Principles and Assumptions
  • Connecting to the system will be voluntary, except in a case where a health hazard exists and the property owner in the Service Area has no other viable means of correcting the hazard.
  • The Town will install water mains within the right-of-way to as much of the service area as practical; some areas may be deferred due to funding limitations.
  • The Town will install water service connections at its expense to the edge of the right-of-way for all properties that commit to service at the outset of the project.
  • There may be circumstances where the public mains will require an easement.
  • Property owners will be responsible for the portion of pipes, fittings, surface restoration, and plumbing connections on their own property.
  • As part of the service connection fee, the Town will install a water meter inside the building.  If a frost free location inside the building is unavailable, the property owner will be responsible for installing an external, below grade meter pit.
  • Installation of connection work on private property will be done by pre-qualified contractors, will need to meet strict specifications, be tested, and certified acceptable by the Town.

    Connection Package
    Coming soon!

    Detailed Project Costs
    Once the municipal water system is constructed, costs will include yearly fixed and variable costs, as well as one-time costs associated with connecting to the system.  Go to www.waitsfieldvt.us/water/costs_march08.cfm for detailed information about projected costs and anticipated revenues.

    Documents & Links
    (Documents and outside links will open in a separate window)
    Town Documents
  • Waitsfield Town Plan
  • Water Bulletin #1, November 2007 (4 pgs, 1,086 KB)
    Other Information Resources

    Source Evaluation Report for Reed Road Well, March 22, 2007 (Main report: 34 pgs, 1,574 KB)
  • Transmittal Letter (1 pg, 57 KB)
  • Cover & Table of Contents (3 pgs, 106 KB)
  • Sections 1.0 to 8.0 (30 pgs, 1,424 KB)
  • Appendix 1 (44 pgs, 8,681 KB)
  • Appendix 2 (52 pgs, 9,291 KB)
  • Appendix 3 (50 pgs, 3,714 KB)
  • Appendix 4 (26 pgs, 1,671 KB)

    Important Schedule Items
    Citizens are encouraged to be aware of and/or participate in the following activities:

    January 31, 2008, Thurs.
  • Deadline to return wastewater commitment letters and qualify for discounted hook-up fee.

    February 6, 2008, Weds., 7:30 p.m.
  • Call-in program on MRVTV, 583-4488.

    February 2008
  • Review Bulletin #3, which will focus on detailed cost information and respond to questions that are raised.

    February 20, 2008, Weds., 7:30 p.m.
  • Attend a pre-bond vote public information meeting at the Big Picture Theater.

    February 25, 2008, Mon., 7:00 p.m.
  • Attend a pre-bond vote public information meeting at the Elementary School.

    February 27, 2008, Weds., 7:30 p.m.
  • Call-in program on MRVTV, 583-4488.

    March 4, 2008
  • Vote on Water and Wastewater Bond at Town Meeting.

    2008 - 2009
  • Secure bond financing.
  • Secure state and local permits.
  • Put project out to bid; select contractor(s).
    Wellhead Protection Plan for Reed Road Well, June 15, 2007(Full document: 33 pgs, 4,620 KB)
  • Transmittal Letter (1 pg, 45 KB)
  • Cover & Table of Contents (3 pgs, 76 KB)
  • Sections 1.0 to 5.0 (17 pgs, 623 KB)
  • Appendix (12 pgs, 3,895 KB)

    Valerie J. Capels, Town Administrator
    Waitsfield Town Office
    9 Bridge Street
    Waitsfield, VT 05673
    Phone: (802) 496-2218
    Fax: (802) 496-9284
    E-mail: town admin e-mail address

    Updated May 23, 2008

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