Emergency Management

​The Emergency Management Director (EMD) and Emergency Management Coordinator (EMC) are appointed by the Selectboard, and have responsibility for the organization, administration, and coordination of emergency management activities at the local level.

The EMD and EMC, among many tasks, help towns plan for emergencies of natural and man-made origin, identify the resources – human, fiscal, and physical – needed to respond, and facilitate meetings with stakeholders and other community organizations.

Fred Messer is Waitsfield’s EMD; Carla Straight-Messer is the EMC.

To contact Fred and Carla with questions or concerns related to emergency management, please call (802) 793-2238 or (802) 595-1848; or email [email protected].

Interested in how you and your family can be better prepared for emergencies? Click here for more information, provided by Vermont Emergency Management.

For more information on preparedness, please see the following resources.

Emergency Preparedness Assistance (from the VT Agency of Human Services)

Business Disaster Preparedness Workbook 2018 (from VT Emergency Management)


Important Telephone Numbers:

211- (Health and Human Services)

411- (Directory Assistance)

511- (Traffic)

611- (Cell Phone Provider Customer Service)

711- (Telecommunications Relay Service)

811- (Dig Safe)

911- (Emergencies Only)