Curb Cut Policy

Purpose & Applicability

The policy is designed to regulate access to Waitsfield’s highway network through the review and issuance of access permits, known colloquially as, “curb cut permits.” Regulating access is necessary to protect, advance, and balance the safety and convenience of the Town’s residents and traveling public, to improve and maintain water quality standards, and to ensure that public investments in the Town’s highway network are protected.

An access (curb cut) permit is required for any of the following:

1. Installation, development, or construction of a driveway that accesses a public highway.
2. Regrading or resurfacing any driveway, entrance, or approach that affects the grade of a public highway. This includes depositing materials of any kind within, or affecting, the highway right-of-way.
3. Obstructing a ditch, culvert, or drainage course that drains a public highway.
4. Filling or grading the land adjacent to a public highway so as to divert the flow of water onto or into the public right-of-way.

Application Review & Process

An application shall be submitted to the Planning & Zoning Administrator, including a $25 application fee and $30 recording fee, for any of the work identified above.

The application shall be reviewed by the Road Foreman and Fire Department for an approval recommendation, including any necessary conditions.  Any denial shall include a summary of reasons for.  The Town Administrator shall review the recommendations and determine if the application shall be approved (with potential conditions) or denied.  An applicant may appeal the denial of an application to the Selectboard.

Upon determination, an approval letter will be issued to the applicant.  The applicant shall have 2 years to substantially complete the project. Within 14 days of project completion, the applicant shall notify the Planning & Zoning Administrator.  A final inspection will be scheduled to determine if the work has been completed as approved. If all work has been completed as approved, a Curb Cut Permit will be issued and recorded in the land records.

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Planning & Zoning Administrator

Annie Decker-Dell'Isola

phone: (802) 496-2218 (ext. 4) email: pza@gmavt