Subdivision Regulations


The Waitsfield Selectboard hereby gives notice of amendments to the Waitsfield Subdivision Regulations, as adopted by the Selectboard on Monday, January 21, 2008 and ratified by voters on March 4, 2008, which affect all lands within the town of Waitsfield and are intended to better reflect the desired land use patterns specific to each zoning district, to implement the provisions in the Waitsfield Town Plan, and to result in a more readable document. Below is an outline of the table of contents and links to the associated Articles:

Article I. - Authority & Purpose: (1.1) Enactment and Authority, (1.2) Purpose, (1.3) Adoption and Amendment, (1.4) Severability.

Article II - Subdivision Application Procedures: (2.1) Applicability, (2.2) Sketch Plan Review, (2.3) Preliminary Plan Review, (2.4) Final Plan Approval, (2.5) Plat Recording Requirement, (2.6) Certificate of Compliance, (2.7) Revisions to an Approved Plat.

Article III - Planning and Design Standards: (3.1) General Standards, (3.2) Density & District Settlement Patterns, (3.3) Protection of Fragile Features and Natural and Cultural Resources, (3.4) Storm Water Management and Erosion Control, (3.5) Community Services and Facilities, (3.6) Roads, Driveways and Pedestrian Access, (3.7) Water Supply and Wastewater Disposal, (3.8) Utilities, (3.9) Dedication of Open Space and Common Land.

Article IV - Administration & Enforcement: (4.1) Administration, (4.2) Fees, (4.3) Hearing Notice Requirements, (4.4) Enforcement and Penalties, (4.5) Appeals, (4.6) Town Recording Requirements.

Article V - Definitions: (5.1) Interpretation, (5.2) Definitions.

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Planning Commission Report

1990 Subdivision Regulations

Waitsfield Subdivision Regulations, 1990 - Full version
Waitsfield Subdivision Regulations, 1990, Cover & Contents
Waitsfield Subdivision Regulations, pages 1 - 10
Waitsfield Subdivision Regulations, pages 11 - 21

Subdivision of Lands Abutting State Highways

According to 19 V.S.A. Section 1111(k), "[n]o deed purporting to subdivide land abutting a state highway or a class 1 town highway can be recorded unless all the abutting lots so created are in accord with the standards of this section, including but not limited to the requirement to provide a frontage road or roads."

Individuals seeking to subdivide land abutting state and class 1 town highways (Vermont Route 100 or 17) must first submit a Section 1111 Application form (see link below) and obtain approval from VTrans.

VTrans Section 1111 Application (Form TA 210)
Brochure: Where Will My Driveway Go?
Brochure: Access Management
Vermont Access Management Web site
Waitsfield Case Study: The Slow Road


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