Water Commission

The Waitsfield Water Commission is responsible for the following roles and responsibilities as they relate to the operation and management of the municipal water system:

  1. To enact regulations and policies governing the orderly, safe, and efficient operation of the water system;
  2. To propose additions, deletions, and amendments to the water ordinance, and to review and make recommendations on any changes to the Commission’s ordinance proposals made by the Board;
  3. To construct, repair, and maintain the municipal water system for the purposes of providing potable water to residents within the WSA and fire protection to residents of the Town generally;
  4. To ensure compliance with all relevant and required State and Federal laws, rules, policies, permits, and guidelines related to the provision of potable water and capacity for fire protection;
  5. To establish water rates and collect fees;
  6. Any other duties as specifically outlined in Statute, such as 24 V.S.A. § 3313.

The Town of Waitsfield, through the Water Commission, contracts with Simon Operating Services for water operator services.

The Water Commission can be reached via e-mail at: [email protected].

For contact information in non-emergency and emergency situations, please see to the document below:

TOW Water Emergency and Non-Emergency Contact Info

For a copy of the water ordinance, please see below:

Waitsfield Water Ordinance-as amended 11-19-18; signed by SB (with new rates, effective July 1, 2019).

Waitsfield_Water_Charge_2019 Appendix A Approved June 13th 2019


The 2018 Consumer Confidence Report is available:



The Commission members are:

Peter Lazorchak

Robin Morris, Chair

Bill Parker

Pete Reynells, Vice-Chair