Water Commission

Waitsfield Water Commission Responsibilities

The Waitsfield Water Commission is responsible for the following roles and responsibilities as they relate to the operation and management of the municipal water system:

  1. To enact regulations and policies governing the orderly, safe, and efficient operation of the water system;
  2. To propose additions, deletions, and amendments to the water ordinance, and to review and make recommendations on any changes to the Commission’s ordinance proposals made by the Board;
  3. To construct, repair, and maintain the municipal water system for the purposes of providing potable water to residents within the WSA and fire protection to residents of the Town generally;
  4. To ensure compliance with all relevant and required State and Federal laws, rules, policies, permits, and guidelines related to the provision of potable water and capacity for fire protection;
  5. To establish water rates and collect fees;
  6. Any other duties as specifically outlined in Statute, such as 24 V.S.A. § 3313.

The Town of Waitsfield, through the Water Commission, contracts with Simon Operating Services for water operator services.

Water Ordinance

For a copy of the water ordinance, please see below:

Waitsfield Water Ordinance-as amended 11-19-18; signed by SB (with new rates, effective July 1, 2021 - see Appendix A).

Waitsfield Water Rates 2023- Appendix A Approved May 18, 2023

Annual Consumer Confidence Report

Waitsfield 2022 Consumer Confidence Report (posted 3/21/23)


Contact Information

The Water Commission can be reached via e-mail at: [email protected].

For a Water System Emergency please contact Simon Operation Services (SOS) who operate the Waitsfield Water System. If there is an emergency after hours and weekends, dial 802-741-2347 entering the call back phone # slowly and accurately.

If there is an emergency during normal, weekday business hours (8am-4pm) call the SOS office: 802-244-7420. If you go to voicemail, leave a brief voicemail with short details, and call back info. After leaving the message hang up and then dial the emergency # 802-741-2347 and leave your phone #.


Waitsfield Water Commission Members

Peter Lazorchak

Robin Morris, Chair

Bill Parker

Pete Reynells, Vice-Chair

Brian Shupe